Welcome to our app, a platform aimed at addressing stylists and hairdressers to bridge the gap in representation for coily and curly hair types in our society.

Our vision is to ensure that people with coily and curly hair receive the attention and professional care they deserve within the hairdressing industry. We believe that every hair texture should be represented, and that every individual should have access to qualified services tailored specifically to their needs.

Our app enables hairstylists and interested professionals to sign up and become part of this movement. If you are passionate about supporting our mission and revolutionizing the hair industry for coily and curly hair, then this app is perfect for you.

Please note that this app is exclusively for stylist and hairdresser sign-ups at this current stage. Customers cannot book appointments here yet. Once you've signed up, we will guide you through the next steps and integrate you into our referral platform.

We are excited to announce that a full version for customers will be released soon! However, if you can't wait to use the app as a customer, you can still download the current version and invite your known hairstylists.

Let's make a statement together and ensure that people with coily and curly hair receive the professional care they deserve. Sign up today and be part of this revolutionary movement!