How Hairstylists can work under a salon in the Fades & Braids App

The App gives hairstylists the possibility to work as a employee under a existing salon, work as a freelancer or both. The following section explains how you can register under an existing salon.

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Salons: Beyond Haircuts!

Salons represent more than mere haircuts—they embody individual experiences, places of trust, comfort, and joy. There's a special feeling that accompanies glimpsing a new hairstyle in the mirror. At Fades&Braids, we honor these emotions and bolster salons in their digital presence.

Existing salons can register within the app, allowing associated hairstylists to be showcased under their brand. Each hairstylist working under a salon can independently determine their revenue stream.

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Create a digital salon and delegate some work to trusted colleagues. This collaboration ensures mutual economic benefit without compromising availability for your clients.

How It Works:

For Hairstylists:

For Salons:

Salons can offer revenue sharing conditions.

When a hairstylist receives a booking through Fades & Braids, the earned revenue will be paid directly to the hairstylist. However, if the hairstylist is affiliated with a salon, the salon can propose terms for revenue sharing.

Brand Rights

The salon's name will be displayed in the app under the hairstylist's profile. Consequently, users may place more trust in the services of that hairstylist. As a result of this advantage, salons may opt to collect a portion of the revenue for the use of the salon's name associated with the hairstylist.

Salon Usage

If a hairstylist utilizes a salon's facilities for an appointment, the salon can impose a charge for this usage, similar to paying rent, in the form of a share of the earned revenue.


Scenario 1: 

A hairstylist operates as a freelancer but is affiliated with a specific salon. The salon decides to require a 2% brand rights fee and a 30% salon usage fee. The hairstylist offers braiding services for 130€, available for booking either as a home visit or inside the salon. The resulting revenue would be:

Booking inside the salon:
Hairstylist's Revenue: (100% - 30% - 2%) x 130€ = 88.40€
Salon's Revenue: (30% + 2%) x 130€ = 41.60€

Booking outside of the salon:
Hairstylist's Revenue: (100% - 2%) x 130€ = 127.40€
Salon's Revenue: (2%) x 130€ = 2.60€

Scenario 2: 

A hairstylist is employed full-time within a salon. However, the salon wishes to utilize Fades&Braids to attract customers. In this case, the salon would select a usage fee of 100%, indicating that the entire revenue goes to the salon. The salon would then pay the employee's monthly salary regardless of the income generated through Fades&Braids. Given braiding services for 130€, the breakdown would be as follows:

Booking inside the salon:
Hairstylist's Revenue: (100% - 100% - 0%) x 130€ = 0€
Salon's Revenue: (100% + 0%) x 130€ = 130€

Booking outside of the salon:
Hairstylist's Revenue: (100% - 0%) x 130€ = 130€
Salon's Revenue: 0% x 130€ = 0€

Receive requests from hairstylists! How it works: 

Step 1: Create a Profile

Hair stylists searching for salon opportunities can discover registered salons in the app.

For this to happen, your salon must have a profile in the app. Creating one is quick and easy. To create a profile, you should have the necessary permissions. All registrations are verified, and each salon is allowed only one profile.

If you are a salon owner and find that your salon is already registered during the sign-up process, please contact us, and we will investigate the issue.

Step 2: Hairstylist Inquiries

Interested hairstylists can send inquiries directly through the application.

If one of your employees wants to receive bookings through the app, they can create a hairstylist profile and link it to your salon. The salon's name will then be associated with the hairstylist.

You can customize the terms of income distribution when confirming the registration.

Step 3: Review and Acceptance 

As a salon owner or manager, you now have the opportunity to review inquiries and establish the basis for collaboration.

For each booking, the hairstylist will receive the amount paid by the customer digitally. However, if a stylist is working under your salon, a portion, or even the entire sum, can be directed straight to your salon.

In this process, you can set a percentage for the brand rights of your salon name, as well as for the use of your facilities.

Is a stylist permanently employed by you? Then set a salon usage rate of 100%, ensuring that all earnings flow directly to you. You can separately pay the salary from Fades&Braids.

Step 4: Communication and Confirmation

If the hairstylist is on board with your proposal, he or she will accept your offer. At this point, you're good to go, and there's nothing more for you to do.

If your offer gets turned down, the stylist will likely reach out to you for further negotiations. Once you both come to an agreement, you can go back to steps 2-3 and proceed.

Either party can terminate the agreement at any time. After the connection ends, no further payouts will be made to the salon, and the stylist's name will disappear from the profile.

If you have any questions or need assistance managing these inquiries, we are here to provide support. 

Thank you for being a valued part of our platform, connecting salons with talented and dedicated hairstylists!